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There’s a story inside you waiting to get out.

Maybe you haven’t let it emerge because you don’t think you’re creative enough, or you don’t think you have time, or maybe you simply don’t know how to start. I believe you are creative enough, and if you give yourself permission and time to learn specific creative techniques, I will show you how to tell your story, whether in writing, dance, visual art, or a unique combination of expressions.

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Group Writing Instruction

Learn how to tell your story in this 7-week writing workshop series.
Our group will gather online once a week for 2 hours. Using a variety of prompts and tools, I’ll guide you through the process of letting your story emerge.  Each week, we’ll focus on a different element of storytelling through prose. Whether you want to write fiction, creative nonfiction, or memoir, you need to know how to create characters, settings, and plots that resonate with readers. You’ll learn that here, plus you’ll discover how to give substantive, helpful critique in both written and verbal format. The series culminates with the opportunity for each writer to read their work aloud and discuss it with the group. By the end of the course, you’ll have a piece that’s closer to finished, whether you started with a new idea or a work-in-progress. All levels of experience welcome!

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Writing Workshop



Private Creativity Coaching

You want to write, dance, paint, sing, or engage in some other form of creative self-expression. But you haven’t. What’s stopping you from expressing yourself?
Meeting in private online sessions, I’ll show you a variety of tools and guide you through the process of letting your inner creative self emerge. As we work together, and you allow your creativity to flow, you’ll see the benefits ripple throughout your life.
Creativity is a soft skill sought by employers because it helps you solve the problems that arise at work and in life.
Unlocking your innate creativity will enable you to discover new ways to navigate life’s challenges and celebrate the joys and successes.

Each session is 1 hour.

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Creativity & Self-Care for Groups

For two hours, I will gather with your group of 3-4 people in person (socially distanced, wearing masks) or 3-12 people online via Zoom.

Using light yoga, meditation, and vocal sound healing to help you unlock your creativity, I’ll guide you through the process of letting your story emerge. You may choose to write poetry or prose, to draw, or even to create a crayon masterpiece.

What you’ll leave with is an authentic expression of yourself, and the tools to continue letting your creativity flow.

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Retreat for Small Groups

The exchange is $108 per person, paid in advance. I recommend contacting me to schedule before paying.


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Unlock your creativity. Let your story emerge!


I’m an author, educator, and multi-media artist working in prose (fiction), trash fashion, and painting.  I graduated from Yale with a BA in Film Studies / Screenwriting, and from Kripalu’s Yoga Teacher Training program, where I earned my 200 Hour RYT. I worked as a journalist for over a decade before launching the imprint, Bee Books, in September 2018, and publishing my first novel, The Orderly; a dark love story. Subsequently, I published the non-fiction book, A Farmer’s Guide to Climate Disruption. My second novel, For the Birds, which came out in February 2020, is the first of many climate-smart romances to be published under the pen name Tara L. Roí. I am currently at work on another Tara L Roí novel. In 2015, I created a series of meditation aids, which I sell at I also founded Local Lit @ LOTTA, a bi-monthly reading and discussion series featuring published and unpublished works by New Haven area authors.