I am passionate about using writing and communications to help people thrive.  Since graduating from Yale University with a degree in film studies, I have helped clients transform their communications using all forms of media.  I’ve also published hundreds of articles and personal essays in print and online publications (see credits below), launched a few micro-businesses, and created several community projects.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Writing & Editing
  • Content Development for multiple platforms & audiences
  • Graphic Design (Adobe Illustrator)
  • Messaging Strategy
  • Strategic Planning
  • Video Production
  • Social Media
  • Project Management

Let’s work together to transform your communications.                sq profile pic

CONTACT ME: rlf@RebekahLFraser(dot)com           CONNECT with me on 


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  • In the Path of Luck: an Interview with Award-Winning Author Mira Bartok, THE WRITER, July 2018
  • Stories We Tell, THE MOON MAGAZINE, December 2017
  • Post Carbon Ag: A Farm-City Fusion, GROWING, December 2017
  • New Haven Promise Delivers on its Promise, YALE ALUMNI MAGAZINE, November 2017
  • Disaster’s Toll: How Planning Helps You Recover Emotionally, Financially, & Physically, GROWING, Nov. 2017
  • Farming & Politics: One Year Post Election, FARMING, November 2017
  • Research Enhances ROI, GROWING, August 2017
  • The Art of Water: Irrigation, GROWING, August 2017
  • Camaraderie and Celebration, FARMING, July 2017
  • Camille A. Brown, THE ARTS PAPER, June 2017
  • International Festival of Arts & Ideas, YALE ALUMNI MAGAZINE,  May 2017
  • Evolution Of A Manuscript, THE WRITER,  May 2017
  • The Challenges and Benefits of Running a Farm Stand, GROWING, April 2017
  • John Ingrassia — International Airwaves; New Haven Roots, THE ARTS PAPER, April 2017
  • cover story After The Flood, GROWING, November 2016
  • Farming in 2050, GROWING, October 2016
  • cover story The Art Of Water, GROWING, July 2016
  • Weathering Climate Change (1st monthly column re: Climate Change), GROWING, January 2016
  • 7 Mantras To Balance Your 7 Chakras, MINDBODYGREEN.COM, August 2015
  • Can You Choose To Be Happy? PICKTHEBRAIN.COM, July 2015
  • Edible Natives, GROWING, February 2014
  • The Philly Advantage, BLUEPRINTS, October 2013
  • Farming’s Best Kept Secret, GROWING, May 2013
  • cover story Big Time Organic, GROWING, January 2012
  • Sugaring: The Organic Option, FARMING, December 2011
  • Disconnects Stymie MA STEM Agenda, MASS HIGH TECH, Nov. 2011
  • Organic Farming in the Northeast, GROWING, March 2009
  • cover story The Art & Science of Seeds, GROWING, February 2009
  • Managing e-waste in a Climate of Constant Change, EM MAGAZINE, January 2009
  • The Potato & Onion Industries in the Pacific Northwest, BLUEPRINTS, January 2009
  • Bringing Fair Trade to Local Growers, GROWING, January 2009
  • cover story Saving the Planet, Saving Ourselves, COFFEE TALK, November 2008
  • Landscape: Palestine, Venue: Boston – a Nascent Film Festival Makes a Big Impact, IMAGINE, Nov. 2008
  • A Deadly Legacy: Landmines Leave Ripple Effects Worldwide, ABILITIES MAGAZINE, Fall 2008
  • Q&A with Massachusetts’ New Commissioner of Agriculture, FARMING, November 2008
  • Spotlight on the Boston Produce Market, BLUEPRINTS QUARTERLY JOURNAL, October 2008 – 2010
  • To Protect & Serve: eco-friendly packaging, FRESH CUP MAGAZINE, October 2008
  • Get a Life… Coach, GAIAM LIFE e-zine, September 2008
  • Tips to Fit Exercise Into Your Busy Day, GAIAM LIFE e-zine, July 2008
  • Zumi’s: Retailer Spotlight, FRESH CUP MAGAZINE, June 2008
  • SAHARA: Creating a Violence-free Society, ANOKHI MAGAZINE, April 2008
  • Everyday Thukral & Tagra: a Hot Commodity, ANOKHI MAGAZINE, April 2008
  • Strategies for Success in Tourist Towns, FRESH CUP MAGAZINE, February 2008
  • Profile: Ameet Chana, ANOKHI MAGAZINE, January 2008
  • Profile: Shaleen Desai, ANOKHI MAGAZINE, January 2008
  • Profile: Bela Bajaria, ANOKHI MAGAZINE, January 2008
  • Profile: Daru Dhillon, ANOKHI MAGAZINE, January 2008 
  • The End of Poverty? RELEVANT MAGAZINE, December 2007
  • Common Ground Cafe: Retailer Spotlight, FRESH CUP MAGAZINE, December 2007
  • Cooks Shop Here: Retailer Spotlight, FRESH CUP MAGAZINE, December 2007
  • cover story, Healthy Herbal Infusions, FRESH CUP MAGAZINE, October 2007
  • Coffeelands Landmine Victims’ Trust Makes Progress in Central America, COFFEE TALK, October 2007
  • Trends in Teas & Tisanes, FRESH CUP MAGAZINE, September 2007
  • Conference Empowers Coffee Industry Affiliates to Help Landmine Victims, COFFEE TALK, July 2007
  • Landmine Removal at Origin, FRESH CUP MAGAZINE, May 2007