Rebekah L. Fraser is a multi-media artist, working in prose (fiction), trash fashion, and painting.  

Through art, Fraser explores the dynamics of interpersonal relations and the triangulation between humans, their possessions, and the natural world.  She is particularly fascinated with the parallels between the dismantling of Earth and the built environment through climate change; and the dismantling of our social fabric as seen through the dissolution of family, community, and societal structures.

Solar/Lunar | acrylic on canvas | 24″ x 36″

“Sacred” & “Grace” are part of an expansive body of work created in 2019 titled Control & Release. Through both theme and method, the artist explored the ideas of maintaining and releasing control both in life and in creative self-expression.

Grace | acrylic on linen scroll | 8″ x 25″ | SOLD

Amma | acrylic on canvas scroll | 13″ x 46″ | SOLD

This is part of an ongoing series Fraser began in 2019 called Meditation, in which the artist captures her experiences with meditation on canvas.

Sacred Jacket | acrylic on hand-sewn canvas cardigan | clothing

In 2019, Fraser began an ongoing exploration in creating one-of-a-kind hand-painted, hand-sewn wearable art.

Fraser started making fashion from found objects and up-cycled materials in 2008. “Do You Feel the Vibe?” is part of the ongoing series that has included jewelry and clothing. This wearable, washable skirt includes up-cycled fabrics, confetti made from credit cards, a macrame belt made from a spent phone charging cord and headphones, a bicycle reflector, and a car mirror found on the sidewalk.

Do You Feel the Vibe?

For additional images or more information about any series of artwork, please contact Rebekah.