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imagine-cover-oct-09LANDSCAPE: Palestine, VENUE: Boston ~ a Nascent Festival Makes a Big Impact
(IMAGINE – 11/2008 )

For organizers and filmmakers alike, familiarizing American audiences with the landscape is a step in the direction toward understanding a people and preserving a culture, and a major factor in creating the Boston Palestine Film Festival.

Everyday Thukral & Tagra: A Hot CommodityEveryday Thukral & Tagra excerpt

(ANOKHI Magazine – Spring 2008 issue.)
Unlike the majority of the world’s artists, who create in obscurity, this duo has become a commodity, as has their inspiration, nature.  More than any other artists in India today, they have their finger on the pulse of the youth of India.

scan0004Ameet Chana: Sexy & Successful

(ANOKHI MAGAZINE, January 2008)

Ameet Chana describes himself as a regular guy… who just happens to travel the globe and collaborate with some of the best Hollywood and Bollywood talent.