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Economy 2.0 


iFarmers: they plant, they tweet.
Tech and online social media are helping mainstream Americans connect with the people who grow their food, fuel and fiber.

Growing 1-2009Bringing Fair Trade to Local Growers


In the past it was the middlemen, both invisible wholesalers and visible supermarkets, who separated the farmer from the consumer.  Today, Massachusetts-based company Red Tomato is the middleman re-connecting the two.


Not Just VisitingStrategies for Success in Tourist Towns
(FRESH CUP – 2/2008 )

Owners of cafes in tourist towns face special challenges.  Short peak seasons, small permanent populations, and seasonal staffing can bankrupt a cafe during the off-season.

end-of-poverty-page-11The End of Poverty?How Small Business is Transforming Cultures and Lives
(RELEVANT magazine – 12/2007)

A few decades ago, those caught in the unforgiving downward spiral of poverty in third-world countries had little means of drastically improving their lives.  Lack of knowledge and resources, combined with often corrupt aid, fed a mind-set ruled by oppression and hopelessness, locking communities firmly behind the bars of poverty.

Trends in Teas & Tisanes, Part I:Holiday indulgences and novel brewing techniques
(FRESH CUP magazine – 9/2007)

Whether you wholesale or retail teas and tisanes, burgeoning industry trends offer new ways to reach your patrons.  Exciting new infusion flavors and brewing techniques promise to add spark to whatever you’re currently stocking or serving.