Food & Health

One on One with Alicia Silverstone (VEGETARIAN TIMES MAGAZINE, 11/2009)  

This actress shines the spotlight on eating to heal body and mind.

A self-described foodie, Alicia Silverstone shares her secrets for cooking healthfully for body, mind, spirit and planet, in her new book, “The Kind Diet.”

In our one-on-one conversation, Alicia told me how she went veg, and the lengths she went to in order to create this one of a kind book.

Natural Refreshment: Reaping the Benefits of Fruit Based Tisanes and Teas (FRESH CUP, 12/2009)

Once relegated to grocery store shelves, fruit-based teas and tisanes have entered the high-end specialty beverage market, showing up in specialty shops, cafe’s and upscale restaurants and hotels.

Get a Life… Coach

(GAIAM LIFE online magazine – 9/ 2008)

Do you have a  strategy for accomplishing your life  goals?  Have you set goals? Are you happy with your  current career path, or relationships?  If you struggle  to answer any of these questions or you don’t like your  answers, maybe it’s time for a life coach.  But what  exactly is a life coach, and how do you find a good one?

12 Tips to Fit Exercise Into Your Day

(GAIAM LIFE online magazine – 6/2008 )

Is life conspiring to keep you away from the gym this week?  Fear not! The following tips from these three fitness gurus will help keep you strong & slender, whether you’re stuck at home, in the office, or in the car.

Fresh Cup Oct 2007 coverTrends in Teas & Tisanes, Part II: Healthy Herbal Infusions
(cover story, FRESH CUP, 10/2007)

As consumers become more health conscious, the market is responding with increased availability of beverages touted as healthful.  “Energy” drinks loaded with sugar and caffeine now contain trace amounts of vitamins.  Bottled waters now contain both vitamins and fruit essences.  While some claims are questionable, there are many with merit.