Social Issues

Ben Linder spotlight p1SPOTLIGHT: Ben Linder Cafe, Leon, Nicaragua
(FRESH CUP – 6/2009)

The brainchild of a U.S. coffee roaster/importer and the director of an NGO, the Ben Linder Cafe serves more than coffee.   It serves the disabled community, by employing people with disabilities, raising their visibility and status in the community, and by funding Walking Unidos, a prosthetic clinic in Leon.


A Deadly Legacy

(ABILITIES, 11/2008 )

Since 1975, land mines have killed or maimed more than one million people worldwide, 90 percent of them civilians.  Clearance is being addressed one mine-field at a time, but a legacy of destruction remains.

anokhi-cover-spring-08SAHARA:The South Asian Help and Referral Agency: Creating a Violence-Free Society
(ANOKHI – Spring 2008 issue.)

The economic barriers faced by battered South Asian women frequently force them to remain in unhealthy relationships in order to survive. One Southern California agency is creating a violence-free society, one woman at a time.

end-of-poverty-page-11The End of Poverty?How Small Business is Transforming Cultures and Lives
(RELEVANT magazine – 12/2007)

A few decades ago, those caught in the unforgiving downward spiral of poverty in third-world countries had little means of drastically improving their lives.   Lack of knowledge and resources, combined with often corrupt aid, fed a mind-set ruled by oppression and hopelessness, locking communities firmly behind the bars of poverty.