Composting for Urbanites


Are you tossing fruit and veggie peelings and leftovers into the trash or garbage disposal?  Stop!  Instead, recycle food scraps and disposable paper products into compost that can nourish your plants and save you money on fertilizer.

CoffeeTalk - March 2009 - Saving the Planet part 2

Saving the Planet & Ourselves – part 2

(COFFEE TALK,  3/2009)

The early mantra of the green movement is evolving, as individuals and corporations re-think their connection to the earth and to each other.  As we become more informed, we are realizing there are more issues at play than the percentage of recycled material in a product.

em-cover-january-2009Managing e-Waste in a Climate of Constant Change
(EM, the magazine for environmental managers – 1/2009)

Discarded electronics is one of the fastest growing segments of our nation’s waste stream.  Many people are unaware
that electronics contain hazardous substances.  If properly handled, these materials pose little risk and can be     recycled or reused safely.  If improperly handled, the toxins in electronics can be released into the environment.

Saving the Planet, Saving Ourselves
– part 1

coffeetalk-cover-saving-the-planet-nov-2008(cover story, COFFEE TALK – 11/2008 )

With over 25 million coffee growers worldwide, the coffee industry plays a significant role in our global economy and community.  Many key      players in the industry recognize that a more sustainable coffee industry has the potential to make a significant impact on the quality of life for communities worldwide.